Franco Piccoli began his spin forming processing company more than 50 years ago in Venice, working first as an employee and shortly afterward on his own, soon moving the budding business to mainland. He worked first on his own, with makeshift equipment and in unsuitable places. These experiences, however, helped him to take his first steps subcontracting in the illumination sector, a thriving market in the hinterlands of Venice.
The first company headquarters of importance were located in a rural zone near Noale, and there the business remained for almost 40 years: here the firm Piccoli Franco that then would become Piccoli srl enjoyed ever more intense periods of growth and many capital investments were made, both in personnel and technology. In the 1980s, the first semi-automatic and cnc machines were purchased. In those same years, the company undertook a new path as well: presswork with hydraulic presses. The first capital was invested in the first hydraulic presses, which produced unhoped-for results in a short time. In the following years, the activity of expanding the catchment area for the products of Piccoli Franco continued, and, in 2000, with the insertion of his son Davide in the workforce, the firm Piccoli Srl began an intense marketing campaign in Italy and abroad, participating in many fairs and exhibitions related to more diverse markets. In 2006, due also to the lack of possibility for further expansion in the old headquarters, the company was moved definitively and opportunely into the industrial zone of Noale.